“Let's be willing to challenge the status quo: work together, innovate, and be extraordinary.”

I’m a proud Connecticut native from a 5th generation small-business family. I learned early on about the power of common-sense principles like excellent customer service for honest, fair prices.

My Connecticut experience showed me that hard work is easy, but the courage to be innovative is often what’s necessary to make a difference.”   

With a UCONN education and a strong innovation muscle, I dedicated myself to the success of small business owners during a 25-year marketing and communications career. I worked with hundreds of people across the state, the U.S., and overseas, often in collaboration with municipal, state and federal governments. As a working mom of three, I’ve never rested in my determination to balance the challenges with the joys.

Solving people’s problems is my “true north” and is part of the reason I will make a great legislator in the Connecticut House of Representatives. I want to use my qualifications and energetic leadership on behalf of the citizens of the four remarkable and distinct small towns of the 69th House District.

In 2020 the people of Southbury, Bridgewater, Roxbury and Washington will choose new representation for the first time in 32 years, as the honorable Arthur O’Neill retires at the end of his current term. Send me to Hartford and I will honor Rep. O’Neill’s legacy of diligent service and powerfully support the district from day one.

I ask for your vote to become your next State Representative.

Endorsements for Michele Zommer:

CT Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz

CT Attorney General William Tong

Citizens Across The 69th Have Endorsed Michele Zommer:

Ed Edelson, former First Selectman and resident of Southbury, endorses Michele Zommer as she  “has shown her determination to gather the facts and call for transparency in decision making, despite withering misogynistic criticism. Michele is the kind of representative we need in Hartford to make sound choices based on evidence and not knee-jerk responses based on party ideology.”

Edwin Matthews of Washington is an international environmental lawyer and founder of the influential Friends of the Earth, best known locally for his winning lawsuit to protect the Shepaug River from diversion by the City of Waterbury. He noted Zommer would work to make state government work for everyone and be open to everyone who voices a solution: “Michele would bring the engagement I have found missing in state government.”

Jack Nevin of Roxbury endorsed Zommer via a video link from Edinboro, Scotland, where he is a graduate student of comparative politics. Nevin, like Zommer, a lifetime resident, shares the candidate’s optimism and said it was the candidate’s message of “Connecticut Common Sense” that persuaded him to volunteer. “Connecticut is a great state because of intelligent, compassionate and considerate government and I am so proud to be supporting Michele Zommer,” stated Nevin.

Michael Carrington, a Southbury resident who practices law in Waterbury, noted Zommer will challenge the Democrats in constructive and meaningful ways. “Leadership matters. Values matter. Michele is tenacious and will represent every town, every person, and every political orientation,” said Carrington.

Julie Stuart, a Bridgewater resident and Land Trust executive who serves on the Region 12 Board of Education enthusiastically endorsed Zommer for her genuine and responsive nature, and as a newcomer to politics, the “independent thinker and innovative choice we need.” Stuart highlighted Zommer’s support for public school excellence, and protection for the region’s natural beauty and open spaces.

Thomas McDonald, a Southbury resident of almost 20 years and an independent voter who endorses Michele Zommer for State Representative in the 69th. “She will fight this with stronger consumer protections; she will fight giant companies always pushing up our cost of living. By supporting policies that give incentives to cities and towns that support small business, she will drive economic growth, locally and statewide.” McDonald appreciates Michele Zommer’s dedication to inspiring young women. “She [Michele] encourages them to be more involved in local issues; often times ones overlooked by current and previous administrations.”

Lilian Gourley of Southbury – a very proud 92-year-old Democrat who endorses Michele Zommer for State Representative. Gourley states, “in terms of local voting, I’ve voted for a lot of losers; the Republicans have ruled. With the retirement of Art O’Neill after 32 years of service, the seat is open. Our time has come.” Lilian Gourley supports Michele Zommer as “an exciting Democratic… a moderate Democrat and a fiscal conservative. She does the right thing even when it’s hard; her cornerstone is New England common sense.”

Michele Zommer Backed by Worker Unions

Connecticut Building Trades Association & SEIU Endorse Zommer for State Representative

Michele is eager to get to work to: